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Embarrassingly late

Autumn is near and it’s time for a catch up of sorts. A year-and-a-bit later I do have a proper teaching position for the new school year. I am very much is the middle of jumping stones figuring out my new position, a new curriculum for the school and what it means to finally be teaching as a ‘real’ teacher so the blog post will still be very light.

On the crafting front, the store has moved into a brand new location. We are over 5 years old and will be celebrating one year at our new location very soon. I also now have a business partner who has been amazingly patient with all the transitions. Paper and Yarn, the Etsy shop, is on hold until closer to the holidays so we can focus on the brick/mortar. We’ll have some very cute surprises for the that update. Don’t worry though, the regular merchandise will still be there including a new batch of hand dyes and stitch markers for fall season. Canal Town Soaps is still going as well with a nice local following.

So that’s where things are cu…
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Upward Motion

Predictions were correct. Accelerated grad school were a killer this year. I wouldn't trade the experiences from my classroom for anything, don't get me wrong, I learned so much by running the trenches.

The problem wasn't my kiddos or classroom it was the simple math of three jobs and going months without being creative because 4-5 hours of sleep a night was more important... it worked until my brain simply refused to think anymore. A skewed type of writer's block crept in, my brain's way of say enough is enough. The cruelest thing is I can write but after thousands of words not get anywhere. I had to just give up for a little bit and clock out until my mind let me have fluid thoughts again.

I knew the solution, create, and give my poor brain a reprieve but knitting and my other usually outlets weren't happening for me either. So I zoned out watching you tube videos, as one does when the brain meats don't want to cooperate, until something sparked.

Fridge a…

Henry the Sheep Digital Downloads: Banners

New Banner Downloads from my sweetie peas featuring Henry the sheep in an array of color options!

New Pattern! One Hour Photo: Baby Hat

Introducing One Hour Photo, a very quick and silly adorable baby hat that is perfect for newborn and older baby photos. Sized for newborn and 3-9 months.

The pattern uses chunky or super bulky yarn and is available through or my original etsy shop My Sweetie Peas.

Pool Noodle DIY Play Food Fruit Salad and Steak!

So here is what about 5-bucks worth of fun looks like.

Pictured are Dollar Tree plastic cake plates that look like real china plates ($1 for 6), small crystal-ish plastic bowls ($1 for 4) that are actually really nice and some fancy 12 ounce cups ($1 for 12). All the tableware was in the same area as their other themed tableware sets. Also pictured are two pool noodle parts (used about half of one orange flower shape and half of one blue round pool noodle) and one red kick board aka boogie board that is about 1" thick and wave shaped.

A serrated steak knife works well to cut the foam down to size. Scissors work for cleaning up corners or for really small pieces. This is a glue free project.

Next trip to D.T. I plan on picking up a yellow and green pool noodle to make pineapple and kiwi chunks for the 'fruit salad' (pictured below). All the foam components come from U.S. manufacturers which is cool.

The drinks are made by cutting one 5-6 inch section of pool noodle, fillin…

Chicken Livers and Bread

I've been cooking and baking up a storm again. Today's menu included chicken thighs using BBQ shake n' bake, chicken livers, smashed-together apple pie filling tart (pie crust was all broken so we made one big, open faced rectangular tart instead of turnovers) and homemade bread.

It's an odd assortment to be sure but it all turned out yummy!

There was going to be a photo of the finished chicken livers but somebody in the house (cough, cough... husband) ate all the food off my presentation plate while I turned my back to put the bread in the oven. grr.

Here's the recipe anyways:

Pint container of Chicken Livers (no gizzards)

3/4 cup All Purpose Flour
2 tsp. Cumin
1.5 tsp. Paprika
1 tsp. Lawry's Seasoning Salt

Plus this stuff:
Digital kitchen thermometer 
10-12" Skillet or flat bottom pan
Corn Oil
2 Tbsp. Butter for cooking with

In a large skillet, over medium-high heat, warm up enough Corn Oil to almost coat the entire bottom of the pan.

Mix dr…

I deserve a medal

Only one art thingie to show off tonight

cause I actually cooked meals two days in a row and baked today!

... all without catching anything on FIRE!!! isn't that the awesome?

Craft safe!