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Embarrassingly late

Autumn is near and it’s time for a catch up of sorts. A year-and-a-bit later I do have a proper teaching position for the new school year. I am very much is the middle of jumping stones figuring out my new position, a new curriculum for the school and what it means to finally be teaching as a ‘real’ teacher so the blog post will still be very light.

On the crafting front, the store has moved into a brand new location. We are over 5 years old and will be celebrating one year at our new location very soon. I also now have a business partner who has been amazingly patient with all the transitions. Paper and Yarn, the Etsy shop, is on hold until closer to the holidays so we can focus on the brick/mortar. We’ll have some very cute surprises for the that update. Don’t worry though, the regular merchandise will still be there including a new batch of hand dyes and stitch markers for fall season. Canal Town Soaps is still going as well with a nice local following.

So that’s where things are cu…