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Upward Motion

Predictions were correct. Accelerated grad school were a killer this year. I wouldn't trade the experiences from my classroom for anything, don't get me wrong, I learned so much by running the trenches.

The problem wasn't my kiddos or classroom it was the simple math of three jobs and going months without being creative because 4-5 hours of sleep a night was more important... it worked until my brain simply refused to think anymore. A skewed type of writer's block crept in, my brain's way of say enough is enough. The cruelest thing is I can write but after thousands of words not get anywhere. I had to just give up for a little bit and clock out until my mind let me have fluid thoughts again.

I knew the solution, create, and give my poor brain a reprieve but knitting and my other usually outlets weren't happening for me either. So I zoned out watching you tube videos, as one does when the brain meats don't want to cooperate, until something sparked.

Fridge a…