Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Theme Day: Neon

The neon trend is still going strong around here. Below are a few pictures of the new shop yarn Adriafil Bloom and Plymouth Neon Now sock yarn that we just received in at the store.

The Adriafil Bloom line is perfect for arm knitting. Though arm knitting is super fast it does require a little forethought on which type of yarns to use. Super bulkies or several chunky yarns held together will produce a nice full and drape-y product.

I used one 50 gram ball of color 91 to create the cowl below, 2 balls would easily make a cowl that could be double wrapped. From no pattern idea to finished product was about 20 minutes max.  

Here is a link to a great video on how to arm knit.

To start: 
Cast-on 11 stitches (using the method outlined in the video), leaving about a foot of yarn at the beginning.

Knit for 7 or so rows until about 2 feet of yarn are left in the ball. Each row will be about 4-6 inches tall.

Grab all the loops from your arm and threaded the remaining yarn though them.

Finish by tying a knot so the bind off doesn't come undone but not so tight that the last row unravels into the bind off.

One method is to run yarn through all loops twice, then slip the yarn under its own wraps and make a knot while holding the last row firmly so it doesn't unravel. Do this twice. (A traditional bind-off may be used, but I found it took too much yarn so I simply gathered and knotted the piece off in a similar fashion to finishing off the crown section of a knitted hat.)

Now connect the beginning and end of piece by using the yarn tails to join them shoelace-style but instead of finishing with a bow, make it a double knot.

Wrap remaining yarn tails around the knots to form a smooth layer of yarn covering the knots. Tuck in ends and all done!

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Theme Day: Red

Ever have a day were things seem to pattern?

A few Sundays ago I ventured out to see what kind of after holiday stuff could be scored. First stop was at my favorite clothing store maurices where I scooped up a load of "teacher" clothes and shoes (4 shirts, 1 pair of shoes, bracelets and nail polish) for less than $35! My frequent shopper punch card gave me for $10 off next shopping trip coupon, w00t!

After coming home I noticed a trend in my selections, lots of red and metal studs, both of which I normally do not buy.
 'Red' (well, and pirate sort of...)

After a long day shopping all over the place I cleaned out our cupboard to clear space for hubby's new baby (read: big bottle of Crown Royal). Apparently, we do not drink much wine...

Yes, the bottle has been etched red... a pretty, transparent hue, very similar to the clothing I just bought. Does anyone else notice odd patterns like this?

And one more 'red' I just stumbled across... photo of some hats I finished last year. Chunky hat, CO 60 on size US 11 and about two or four hours later finished!

 Happy Crafting!