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Woot! I survived Spring Semester o_O

Yes folks after much additional radio silence I am back. Finals week was about 1.5 weeks ago and my brain cells are slowly recovering. It was a doozy but I finished better than expected, all things considered. Poor household got ill several more times since my last post causing some crazy week long periods of no sleep. Ugh. We made it through though. 
Now that that is over, it's time to swing back into fiber mode. The shop will be participating in the Upper Valley Fiber Fest (UVFF) located in Troy, OH this year. For locals the dates are May 18th & 19th. This is one of our I'm-a-big-kid-now moments as I've always wanted to vend at UVFF. My silly brain keeps forgetting that we have the event though. So, yeah... planning has been a bit fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-ish. 
Speaking of the shop. I ordered new temporary signage to help with the whole name change thing and Mrs. Sara Paper is printing new business cards and stickers! 'paper and yarn' will live on with …