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Well, here we are again.

Updates every six months or so is apparently what working full time while attending school full time will do to you.
Summer was a bust for me this year due to some really crappy anemia issues which thankfully have been alleviated! I spent a large chunk of the time trying to scrape by and sleeping a lot. 
Fall semester was the toughest one so far, and luckily the last predicted nasty one. I made it through thanks in part to an amazing group of friends at the store and some very giving grandparents who spent a few evenings each week with the kiddos. Seriously, thank you to each and every person who has helped me with my attempts at a career change. It has been a very exhausting year for our family.
Though it’s been nuts-busy the last three months, I did get to spend my classroom observations with my favorite group of kids, Junior High! VMS welcomed me right in and all the kids were awesome to spend time with. Special thanks to Mrs. W for such a warm welcome an…

Woot! I survived Spring Semester o_O

Yes folks after much additional radio silence I am back. Finals week was about 1.5 weeks ago and my brain cells are slowly recovering. It was a doozy but I finished better than expected, all things considered. Poor household got ill several more times since my last post causing some crazy week long periods of no sleep. Ugh. We made it through though. 
Now that that is over, it's time to swing back into fiber mode. The shop will be participating in the Upper Valley Fiber Fest (UVFF) located in Troy, OH this year. For locals the dates are May 18th & 19th. This is one of our I'm-a-big-kid-now moments as I've always wanted to vend at UVFF. My silly brain keeps forgetting that we have the event though. So, yeah... planning has been a bit fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-ish. 
Speaking of the shop. I ordered new temporary signage to help with the whole name change thing and Mrs. Sara Paper is printing new business cards and stickers! 'paper and yarn' will live on with …

The Long Catch-up over Holiday

Well hi there. Last year sort of fell off the map didn't it? Honestly, this year is trying really hard to do the same. Did I mention we are only 8 days into January?!?!!!!

My brain can barely wrap around that fact. Part of it wants to be all "damn it! slow down, it's already Jan. 8th" and the other half is thinking "with all that has gone on in the last few weeks, why isn't it February already? Geez!"

Getting to winter break this time around was a crazy rabid adventure in endurance. Semester did not end until mid-December where as quarters always had us done with classes before Thanksgiving. Done by turkey day was awesome compared to "hey you run a business that gets really busy that time of year, you know what? We're going to keep throwing assignments at you 5 days a week because, you know, time for actual work is not important!" As an added bonus to finally finishing Fall semester with some sanity, the whole family managed to acquire th…