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shop, shoppy, shop, shop

I've been meaning to post about my Wednesdays/Thursdays but those post would have been full of tax and inventory talk so probably not that exciting really? Usually my post are not all shopy-shopy talk which is why there have been so few. I have some topics in que though not really in the mood to post something boxed. So let's talk shop shall we?

Ms. Linda and I are gearing up for The Jay County Fiberfest in Portland, IN (March 9-10). We'll be there vending which means we're in the process of ordering tons of new yarns and needles. Knit One Crochet Too is our new Spring Line. Baby Boo, Meadow Silk and Wrapunzel are slated to arrive very soon.

More Chiaogoo needles will be here next week including some of the new Blue Flower straight knit needles. Our house favorite Kramer Yarns is due for a major restock thanks to all our customers! Naturally Nazareth (100% wool w/ variegated colorways), Summit Hill Merino SW and Perfect DK are being introduced at the shop in March plu…

what I did Wednesday

made stitch markers and partied it out with a shop full of knitters!

Decided to keep going on the milk free diet and to start using Lactaid (supplement that helps digest any stray lactose from food). Tummy is much happier as long as I don't accidentally forget that my favorite sushi roll has cream cheese in it, which surprise, surprise is made of milk *facepalm* also was unaware that McD's hashbrowns and French Fries have a milk in them... gah! Taking Lactaid should help avoid these miserable booboos in the future, hopefully. Have to say it's definitely a process that is going to take time to perfect.

well drat! / what I did Wednesday

I ate soup! Exciting no?
What's in it:
Quinoa, dehydrated onions, chicken stock, dehydrated potato flakes and carrots (not shown of course). The potato flakes act as a great thickening agent. Everything was a dry good or canned good so it's a great anytime meal. For more variety you can add in a small can of chunked chicken and a can of mix veggie for more flavor.

On other related news: I started a milk free/near-soy-free diet on Tuesday. So far so good. Only trying it for a week or so to see if my tummy is happier. Favorite filler right now is chocolate almond milk, very tasty :) Blue corn chips help with the crunch cravings. I'm sure there is some soy residue in there some where but way less then in most foods on the market right now. Other than that it's a rice, beans and salsa kinda week with a good dose of lean meats to keep my energy up while making the switch.

happy crafting.