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what I did Wednesday


Special thanks to Ms. Linda for helping finish out the patterns so they are done! New patterns will be out in February, more details soon.

from the desk of... De-stress: The power of "Not my problem"

Need to find some extra brain energy? Try the ‘not my problem’ method. I picked this lovely gem up while working for a local artist group a few years back. Guess the admin guy really knew how to delegate because this was his common answer and I have to say I can see why it works so well.

I began using it mentally at first as a self check. Quick example: Why again was I worrying if the kidlet could not find the toy he wanted. He had plenty of toys if the one in question was never found again.

It's kinda of blunt to think this way but the goal is to reduce the frustration all around for everyone involved. Kidlet has a habit of not putting his toys away and then freaking out when he can’t find them back again. By not buying into the hype of “Oh my gosh! Missing toy!” I am reducing the urge to frantically search for or fix issues which I really have no business trying to solve. I do communicate beyond "sorry, not my problem" by suggesting things he can do to resolve the issue…

from the desk of... what I did Wednesday

lots of it!
I'll quit with the exclamation points, planning is not really that exciting...

Using some of the 'productivity flourishing' planners mentioned in my last post. Craft safe!

post 100! and useful tools for organizing

Didn't realize it until I got ready to post this entry that my blog has hit 100 post! niffty!

The list of useful tools to organize your thoughts and projects.

Websites for organizing:

Productive Flourishing: Free, download-able, well thought-out calendars for freelancers and bloggers.

Evernote: Free note collecting tool, good for brain dumping as recommended in "Getting Things Done"

Just Bento: Free meal planners, works for more than Bento style lunches. I really like how the meals are planned based on food group.

Ravelry: For the fiber arts world this is a must have membership. Ravelry allows users to organize projects, patterns and stash with ease.

Google Reader: Part of Google+ this feature allows you to keep track of all the blogs you like to follow. Provides resources for organizing your online business. Easy to understand interface and integration with etsy, paypal etc... Audio book treasure trove. Don't have time to sit and read? Plug into a…

kat food or not

well hi there.

amazing how owning your own business makes it more interesting when it comes to keeping a regular blog *oopsie* I've really missed writing about general non-related things so let's give this another whirl shall we?

I started this post to be about some of the new simple foods and such but I think my first post back should be more of a catch up.

Over the last year I've been working towards simplifying my life and at the same time living it more the way I want to. It takes a lot of time and effort to be who other people think you should be so at 30 I'm done with it. Take me as I am: a gauged-eared, low tech, fiber-arts chic who's trying to do too many things at once.

That said trying to live low tech in a high-tech world has been interesting and I haven't found a good balance for it yet. I want to blog about that and also some of the things I'm doing to simplify my life so when living-at-half-energy hits it is easier to bounce back from. Life is too…