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EPIC catch up

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Disappearing for two months usually means one of two things: I'm sick or I'm really crazy busy.

This month it was both with yeah!happy results (minus the death-flu thing of course).

I figure photo evidence is the best way to recap:

(The USPS and UPS guys are probably cursing me right now... )

Nature Spun by Brown Sheep Co. arrived the same day 50-ish pounds of Art Supplies did... sorry UPS guy



Kraemer Yarn Co. arriving.

I won a great book from Ida of fame it arrived the same day as a full size box of cereal... odd combo but at least I had snacks to go with my new knitting book lol.

paper and yarn stitch markers are now available at Loops in Tulsa, OK!

To Sara of, thank you for the replacement pom-pom makers... I couldn't find mine (I think the studio move ate them) so she bough…