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It's that time of year again

well, I made it 9 days into the daily blogging thing before crash, bang, boom!

It's funny because after waking to the realization on day 11 that I completely forgot to blog the night prior I didn't really sweat it to much as I though "no problem, I'll make it up during the day sometime". Ah, denial is a beautiful thing.

Six days later and here I am, cranking through my little guilt trip of a list, trying to catch back up. Again.

I'm actively talking myself out of over reacting and instead working out a set of steps to get caught back up without letting the crazy pity party get too out of hand. So far so good.

... and since a lovely friend reminded me that holiday is less than 6 weeks away, (I thought I'd pass that little freak out along to you) I've included a link to my Mini Frumpy Gramps SweaterOrnament as an encouragement/quickly stocking stuffer idea. Happy Knitting!

work requirments

so one of the fun parts of my job now involves sniffing glue, well not intentionally sniffing glue but you know what I mean. The new jewelry line has been interesting to design and make. I'm finally getting professional displays and packaging which is helping move things forward too :)

Below are some of the pretties for the Holiday Show at ArtsPlace in St. Marys, Ohio. Rings are adjustable, nickle/lead free and priced $10 bucks or less.

designs copyrighted 2010.

the answer to all of life's little problems


murphy laughed

Mr. Murphy Law has paid me a visit this week. Decided to do the NaBloPoMo this month and magically I can barely function thanks to feeling under the weather alllllll weekend long.

Schools almost done for the year, so it's cram and then prep for the ArtsPlace Holiday Show in St. Marys, OH. I think some of my items may also end up at the main location in Portland, IN. I'll be sure to pass on the details once I know more.

to monday.

a day

today was spent chillin' with family and going on a $5.06 shopping spree at a few local shops. Yep, just a pinch over five bucks. For that I was able to procure 3 bags of halloween sour apple cotton candy (holy cow it's so sour we coughed) and a bag of sixlets for $0.82 total. Then at the local toy shop I hit up the dollar toys for 2 Japanese dog erasers and 2 magic color pencils with lead that swirls between 4 different colors. These make great little gifts :)

Does 6 a.m. count as yesterday?



to quote my own products:

Hopefully tonight I'll be back on the blog wagon, last night I gave up and slept the evening away. Oops.

up and down

well today has just been full of the crazy.

I'll start with the ugh and move my way up, since I hate ending on a pessimistic note (shocking, I know)

Mom went into the hospital for pneumonia type issues.
-so far it's just for observation. poor thing looked horrible this morning when I stopped by so glad she is getting some added care.

This week is also chucked full of school deadlines to the point of almost being comical. Next week barely a thing, this week oh-heck-no :p

and of course the Good:
The long awaited Loaf Baby-Toddler Sock/Slipper Pattern is now available for purchase as a download on Ravelry.


Our Etsy Shop is just 11 away from 400 hundred sales in less than three years
(thank you to all our customers, your choice to spend those precious dollars in our store means a lot and we're so great-full.)

so now I best hop back off of here to accomplish something, have a good night folks.

studio post primer

okay, I won't show photos of the splodey office but I will show a few of the new space.

Why yes, that is an avocado kitchen circa 1975. It's the Awesome!

thanks to hubs and FIL for priming the whole main section, walls and ceilings :) next up is a coat of probably light grass green or maybe a blue-gray paint on all the white walls, the paneling will stay natural... not sure about the color choices yet. The place looks so bright compared to the old faded/grayed walls and slightly yellow tinged ceiling. I'm trilled with the results so far.

well I feel sheepish

wow. it's November, said more like it's N-o-v-e-m-b-e-rrrrr. *Gasp*

The good news: the little contest listed in my previous entry does, indeed, have a winner.

The bad news: my office exploded over the last month and I need to find said entry back before firing up the dye pots *blush* ... sorry, seriously, sorry.

In other office news, PnY will actually be getting a real studio space later this month or in December sometime... *fingers crossed* the space is huge, and located on the second floor above a two car garage. No plans for retail type hours yet but the location will be open during special events and by appointment.

more on that to come.
On a completely unrelated note; I'll be goal setting with the NaBloPoMo/National Blog Posting Month event that starts today through the end of the month. So this is day one, no fanfare but maybe tomorrow I'll have something non-rambling-ish to say.