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product highlight: the eyes have it for paper.yarn.wire

A slight dip in the temperature has me longing for all the goof-ball-ness attached with the approaching Halloween. Granted paper.yarn.wire is usually a bit froo-froo but every once in awhile I need to get in touch with the ghoul in the girl as is evident with (my favorite) the eyeball bracelet shown below. I also make hand formed rings with the acrylic eye beads. The local farmers' market kids seem to really enjoy the rings, maybe it's just the wackiness of wearing something so morbid.

Perfect Halloween Attire

Fall being my favorite time of year, I can't wait to whip out all my orange and green goodies from the design desk. Just for the guys, some appropriated worded stitch markers to denote your favorite knit medium.

The orange beads are also available on our other products. Aside from Halloween items we're mostly just working on our inventory for the upcoming Pumpkinfest in New Bremen, Ohio which is September 25th this year. Only about a month away, that's frighteni…

hank the sheep coloring contest

Welcome to the first annual "hank the sheep" Coloring Contest. Click on the hank image below to download a .pdf copy of our beloved mascot. To enter just print, color and mail the page back to us at the address provided in the .pdf file.

of course the fine print: paper and yarn is not responsible for any lost or miss addressed entries. we reserve the right to post a scan of the winners on our websites or the original in our shop. By submitting an entry you are guaranteeing that you are 18 years of age or older (or have parental permission to participate in our contest).

We will not place your personal contact information online only your first name or screen name if your artwork is chosen. Hank the Sheep artwork remains copyright protected to

Entries must be post marked by September 7th, 2010 and received by September 14th, 2010. The more entries the bigger the prizes. Contest is open to folks in the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Please be sure …

Mystery Meat Sock Club

Mystery Meat Sock Clubs are once again available at (yippee! ).

Mystery Meat is a 3 month yarn club which features a different colorway and collection of goodies mailed each month to club subscribers. The best part about this club is you get to give your input on colors... no neon craziness or muted semi-solids unless that's exactly what you like :)

The $65.00 price tag includes shipping to the United States.

A one time shipping fee allows the club shipment to be mailed to Canada, the UK and Australia for interested folks outside the US.

Hurry sign up's close September 10th, 2010.


now I know what 5 a.m. looks like from the other side o_O

at least it was not all lost time... I guess?

Over at there is a new printable coloring page of hank

and has a new pretty:

(I swear my fingers are in fact not purple like the photo but you get the idea... )