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Free Mini-Sweater Pattern - Frumpy Gramps Sweater

New mini-sweater pattern now available on Ravelry!
Thank you to my test knitters for giving this one a go :)

Finished 'Mini Frumpy Gramps Sweater' shown was knit with sport weight yarn.
The sweater measures 3" tall and 4.5" from cuff to cuff.

sunshine and warmth and friendship

sunshine and warmth, two things which are sorely lacking in OH right now. The weather was a bit warmer today, but it came with uninviting gray skies. So winter blah blah right now.

I think I'm just using the crap weather as my excuse for being unproductive. Having a major case of the brain fog probably isn't helping much either.

It has at least made life more entertaining. What's your name again, how do you spell the word "the", did I forget something, what was the password to an account I use everyday?

The good news is that since the hormones aren't going nuts-crazy as much the hazy-half asleep feelings have mostly gone but the fog still rears it's head now and then making it difficult to think in a solid fashion.

I'm plainly aware la cabeza isn't working properly or making all the connections that it should. I'm not drunk, high or concussioned. All of which would probably be way more fun. Instead it's kinda like watching a bad sitcom only …

knitterly intentions 2010

in list form, no particular order:
1 holiday gift from 20091 hat for chi1 hat for kat1 hat for boo1 vest for tre1 socks for chi1 MIL cloggles
1 socks for kat (shocking, I know)5 random holiday gifts before Dec. (probably fetching mitts, random hats, scarves and mini-sweaters)
3 baby sweaters (relatives have really been getting down to business lately)1 Pretty Thing1 grandpa socks1 josh hat
1 lapghan (knitted)1 sedona socks1 aunt socks3 mini sweaterslots of little heartsseveral scarvesand a partridge in a pear tree once I figure out how to knit the little bugger ;)

welcome to Ohio, have some black ice with a side of -5 degrees

...and bring your skates, it just might be a faster way to travel.

Hell has apparently frozen over, at least in north-west Ohio. On my way to class today the roads were covered with black ice. The drive was rountinely interrupted by a dire need of window scrapping. I gave up after about 15 minutes of this crap. ugh.

So no class today and much rearranging of my schedule to avoid such a ginormous drive. Good news I guess is shorter blocks of classes spread out over M/W/F instead of T/Th.

Let the rat race begin.