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lots of words in no particular order

the winter weather has officially frozen my brain making it extremely difficult to get much verbiage out in an organized written fashion.

I feel a need to purge all the gunk out of my nugget onto the internets and share a few things I've been keeping low key over the last few months. (aplogizes now for sounding 'hey! look at me' )

School went pretty well last quarter though towards the end I felt dumb as rocks. October was the worst and a bit of a huge struggle as my fibro began expressing it's opinion on the whole back to school matter.

Mental clarity and stamina went out the window (both side effects of fibromyalgia ) enough that I actually called my physician for a consultation. Nothing life threatening, just life interference type things. More on this in a sec.

October/November played out a sad closure to part of my knit life. The first yarn store I ever visited, learned so much at announced it would shut it's door in November :(

November was all about the end of f…


is how I'm going to define my new blog banner.

happy holidays everyone :)