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cheating and happy halloween

I've been cheating... a while back I created a new blog for all the kid themed paper crafts, it's called project nanny and will keep growing with seasonal and holiday related craft instructions geared towards kidlets.

I figured fall was the perfect time to open the shutters on this project. It's that time of year for lots of parties which means lots of decorating and busy-making needed for kids to do while parents are going nuts-crazy with everything else seaonally related. A plus is that pretty much everything I make can be made from scraps, random odd bits and dollar store finds.

I'm fast, cheap and easy apparently... at least when it comes to crafting.

The rest of these photos are crafts designed for a recent Library Kids' Craft Day. The library's funding has been cut very sharply recently causing craft activities to instantly disappear which is a shame. So of course "that one crafty/crazy chic" stepped in for some community service/craft projects wh…


While out on coffee/tea break/antiquing with gal pal Sara of SaraPaper I found this clever little spoon. I guess it would be considered a true tea teaspoon. Works by filling one side of the spoon, then hinge the other side over to create a perfect metal tea bag. Very cool and one of those nifty things that just makes me smile, cause I'm apparently easily amused ;)

Also photoed is my new addiction, loose leaf tea. It really doesn't take too much more time to make an amazing cup of tea. Very much worth it actually. Now all I need to do is get a nice 4 cup ceramic tea pot for steeping instead of using over sized coffee mugs and other random glass containers to do my dirty work with.

The tea and tin above is LiberTeas Breakfast in Bed. Her Earl Grey Creme is also very smooth and delicious with no bitterness in the after-note.


Hola amigos finally a little proof in photos of a few new projects... numero uno

Poofy MooMoo Cap: Little girl hat that has a bit of slouch, a simple circles and hearts pattern from the brim up. Made with worsted wt. washable wool blend.

Carry Me Tabi Socks: Split-toe tabi style socks from the toe up with easy left/right foot conversion.
Washable wool blend worsted wt.

oh and I've been taking Spanish class, not that that obvious or anything hasta luego.