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a brief rest... and then anarchy

hi there internet folks, it's been super quiet around here for awhile. most of this is due to said owner of blog going back to college and all the fun micro-managing that type of 8 year gap resolution involves.

things are still brewing, as always, still brewing. frankly I'm spinning my wheels a little bit trying to make seven different directions of thought flow smoothly into one working system in my life... this of course will never go as planned (thank you mr. murphy) which of course is just life, plain, simple, life.

don't get me wrong. at near 30 it may just be a mini-mid-life crisis wrapping around me. since at this age, I still feel like a child... really odd considering all the age-challenged mini-adults asking me for guidance in this world.

I'm in a phase where more things make me cry, laugh and ponder (is this what adulthood is about, seriously?) or maybe it is just autumn in the air. my favorite time of year has been know to heighten the senses... at least for …