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from the desk of katkoe - figuring out the brand

paper and yarn has been around for over a year now (woohoo!) and being a graphic design by trade I figured it was time to freshen up the brand a bit. Below are thumbnails of the Ravelry ads I've begun using recently. I'm still hashing out which direction to go with but I thought I'd share a little glimmer into the design process. (my favorite is the last one, though I'm not sure it does much for the company *lol*)

Have a great week.

(first out of the gate)

(a few minor tweaks makes a big difference in visual appeal)

(round two: larger photos, more subject specific)

(round two: with a more popular colorway and smoother skein)

(round three: more ad location specific)

(round two.five: ah, simplicity)

from the desk of katkoe - pictorial evidence

here's one to avoid the month-long no-blog rule.

Some of the blog avoidance has been because of works in progress: See Trilobite hat and 2nd/3rd pair of KAL socks (July Nanners/August Seaweed Socks). It's hard to sit in front of the computer when there are a bazillion odd items calling from the knit bag.

I hate to mention it too, but this is not all the projects I'm working on. Aside from the photos there is a new Trilobite hat in pink being requested, another hat pattern of my own making in the works and one lonely little sweater vest that someone keeps asking me about (sorry fridgey).

Nothing like knitter's guilt to keep the ball rolling.

Of course there is always the ironic kind of blog avoidance. This month brought to you by my mishappened adventures with motivation, nature and yard work.

Sadly not pictured is the pile of paperwork, arm band and medications acquired from doctor's office because apparently one little patch of poison whatever-it-is is not only resist…