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a quick garden update - some form of growth

Beans, peas, radishes, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumbers, onions and marigolds all reside nicely in my new square foot style garden.

This guy Mel ( really knows how to make your soil and space work to your advantage.

A note about the half empty end box. These photos are a couple of weeks old and we are now using the third box to transplant the spares that grew from the extra seeds we planted (waste not want not).

A special thank you too for my wonderful husband and Father in Law for building the boxes for me. We ended up with three 4 foot x 4 foot boxes (photo above) constructed using 2x6's.

The coolest part about the square foot garden is everything gets it's own square (pumpkins/watermelons need 2 a piece) and neat little rows of veggies (1-16 plants all neatly lined up in a grid). Easy peasy to weed and water.

My favorite seeds to plant have been the radishes for the quick pop of greenery (seriously like 3 days and sprouts appeared ). The beans…

from the desk of katkoe - ninja style

Sorry to be all 'ninja style' lately. I've been hiding out doing some web work for a great group of local gals who run a webzine called The Family Fun Finder.

The new site will update weekly with news, special deals and blogs geared towards local family fun. (Local for us is North-West Ohio.) The site is still in incubation mode but is so close to finished it's crazy (doing happy dance). The blogs and forums are a great read even if you're not local to Ohio so I'll be sure to give more links once we have the polish applied to the site :)

Busy busy has also involved a lot of production mode for PnY. The local Farmers' Market starts May 30th so I've been squeezing in craft time whenever I can to have a nice stash of goodies to take with me.

Love this time of year though it's crazy crazy for me too. Ah, summer.

from the desk of katkoe - my life according to sheep

Hank the Confuzzled Sheep came to visit my craft room today. He's cute and kinda gullible, just the way I like um'. He says 'bah' btw which I think is "hello" in sheepenese.

Hank even made an appearance on some of the new hand stitched 'mini knitters notes' graph paper notebooks. He's hand drawn in black permanent marker so each notebook is a unique.

Hank also seems to prefer the au-natural look of craft card stock to the fancy stationary grade stuff, though I'm kinda up in the air as to which I like better.

(The bull's eye notebooks where created by stitching fused target bags to some pretty red card stock. )

Most of my new mini notebooks have semi-transparent graph paper in them. I reclaimed this stuff from an office sale a few years back and love the smooth texture of it. The sizes are small-ish so they fit better into project bags, about 4-5" wide by 5-6" tall.

Other than that I'm kinda boring, have a great night everyone :)