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the word '-ish'

ish is my favorite word/word additive.

It can solve a lot of life's little problems like being late "I said 5pm-ish... that's 5 o'clock give or take 15 minutes... right?"

Or as a very effect descriptionary word for things that are almost but not quite what they should be... as in "it's kinda sock-ish" or "I'm working on a sweater-ish type swatch" and "did you see so&so's new baby? Yea, man, it was kinda cute... ish"

When tactful words are needed to let a friend/family member down easy ish is the perfect stand in "of course the meal was great honey, the char marks give it a very welldone-ish appeal".

Photo Examples:


sometimes things start out very "sock-ish" and turn into socks (see left photo), and sometimes things that start out sock-ish in nature (right photo) turn out to be chickens...

ish is also great for describing yarn and/or it's degree of resemblance to yarn: "your handspun is …

some form of growth - a very uncycle garden adventure part 1

De-clutter House. Start Garden.

This year is definitely the "year of the simplify". Luckily the above goals work well together and save some cash along the way.

To start I combined a lovely order of heirloom seeds from + metric ton/a bunch of used toilet paper rolls and this fabulous tutorial to equal the start of something yummy *fingers crossed*.

and presto chango...

Okay so this also involved some leftover potting soil from last year, a used strawberry container, 2 old milk jug bottoms (2-3" of bottom, save tops for mini green house thing-a-majigs) and the cut longways bottom of a soda pop 12 pack.

Some of the left over milk jug bits are also making appearances as seed markers.

My hordings of 46 oz. juicey-juice and 32 oz. Gatorade containers provided a great stash of transplant containers for when the little seedlings out grow their current home and the cut off container tops will go the way of the milk jug bits to be used as mini greenhouse thing-a-majigs i…

oops and crap x 10

no, I have not fallen off the planet in another vain attempt at avoiding responsibility.
my computer crashed, like not fixable, explodie hard-drive crash. *ugh* so I've been sharing a computer for the last week-ish, relegated to normal 'business' type hours instead of late night oddness. no worries, think I needed a set schedule anyways.

the crash also zapped my pretty new blog graphics, which for some reason has kinda zapped my writing motivation *no idea* I've got tons of photos, comments and some fun stuff to make... well if only my brain could focus for more than say 30 seconds we might get somewhere... aside from all the excuses I'm doing okay.

more to follow...

week 2: wednesday's random mailing

This week's package motivation: a super sweet gal and great customer of PnY, the fluffy stuff just kinda called out to be sent her way.

off to the east coast
a wee .6 ounce of hand dyed corrididale cross wool roving in smokey blues and purples

random wednesday what?
because I'm a bit odd and fun loving each Wednesday-ish will feature a random package, sent to a random person, for a random reason. The little lovely will contain random stuffs sometimes small some times big... usually odd.

a novel idea

because I'm a bit odd and fun loving.

each Wednesday-ish will feature a random package, sent to a random person, for a random reason (catch all that?). It will contain random spur of the moment type stuffs, sometimes small some times big... usually goofy, cause I'm like that yo...

feedback and/or photos from said random mailings will also pop up on here :) sort of a random act of kindness warped by my fragile little head.

This week's package motivation:
a ravelry message board reference to bacon and customer service (how cool is that?) followed by some research for an address and voila.

on their way to California

want to join the fun? shoot me a plurk, etsy convo or rav message :)

Strawberry Crochet Pattern

Be-ewe-tifully simply strawberry to crochet
by katkoe
Starring: Bits of worsted or sports weight yarn, Shiny the blue crochet hook (size H) and my thumb
Berry Bottom:
Chain 3, join to form ring.

Row 1: Chain 2 (counts as first dc) crochet into ring 13 dc and join to first dc
Count 7 stitches from beginning and place marker on stitch.
Pull starting yarn to tighten the ring that was just created.

Row 2:
Chain 2 (counts as first dc), dc then make 2 dc into the next stitch. *dc, dc, make 2 dc in stitch* repeat ** to 7th stitch in row.
At the 7th stitch crochet 7th and 8th stitch together with single crochet.
*dc, dc, make 2 dc in stitch* repeat ** until 2 stitches remain. single crochet last two stitches together. join row.

Row 3:
chain 2 (counts as first dc) dc next two stitches together into one stitch. repeat once.
*dc, dc, dc next two stitches together* until three stitches remains. dc, dc next two stitches together and join.

Row 4:
Chain 2, *join next two stitches together with one dc* r…