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pretties ... that is all


hi folks

guess what? I have continued to be boring... great read isn't it lol

The basket case/make me a sweedr hat is finished. Niffty little deal this hat is. It was worked using only one 16" size 11 circ needle, no dpns and easy peasy pattern. I'll have the pattern up for the next post or so... need to check gauge and how I finished the top since it's been awhile and I can't remember for sure. Sized to fit large 2 year old.

also finished the self striping vest made using Encore Colorspun Chunky (love this stuff!)

and surprise, surprise ... I've cast on another vest. This one is to replace one he's already out grown. Seriously, sweater vest with no shirt and belly hanging out... that is my motivation for finishing this one quickly.