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post holiday

still here... still surrounded by mounds of crazy... it's okay and getting more manageable *knock on wood* :)

Getting some energy back in small spurts so I've been avoiding the computer and focusing on reorganizing my house/office/life. Progress is being made, hardwood flooring that's been missing for a few months is visible again...

figure cleaning is the best exercise/stress reducer for now... cause it's the Midwest and 60 degrees one day, 28 degrees the next :P

so other than that I'm still kinda freaked about our job situations and the economy in general, though at this point it would be odd not to be freaking out about the economy, will just remain cautious and hope for a much better new year *fingers crossed*.

stay safe and drink one for me.

holding pattern

Been laying low the last few weeks trying to take gauge of all the changes that are happening.

My pharmacist started treating me for fibromyalgia last week as a more aggressive plan of action and I did get a second opinion (my regular MD) to agree with the diagnosis today, a bit of relief.

also scary... it's a double edged sword I'm not sure how to take right now, so it can just stay an after thought in the back of my head for a few more days while I line up my new medicine regiment.

In the mist of all the craziness that has been my life for the last few months, my knitting style has navigated to more complex smaller needle type stuff. The first pair of socks started yesterday using 2 circs (size 6's), turkish cast on and this pattern It's a guy pattern, my feet are wide and average so I'll just shorten the foot to fit my size 7.5 girl feet.

I'll try to get some progress shots once the foot area is farther along.

other than that, happy holidays and be careful in th…

and with every crash

comes a reprieve...
the rollercoster ride is on it's way back up after another horrible fall down hill.

I think the last few times have been mainly caused by the inadequate progesterone levels in my system... sorry if it's TMI. f'in hormones, some of it is recovery, the doctors said it's going to suck for the next 3-6 months while my body tries to figure out what the hell just happened to it.

the rest is just good ol' train wreck katkoe.

the crashes suck and then I'm fine within a day or so, how stupid is that.

still waiting on my joints to get back in the game, just glad all the mood swings have subsided.

and now some happier stuff, well deserving reader...

The knit needles are being worked well and some flirting has been going on with the occasional crochet hook...

The above is the start of an elongated stitch scarf (it has doubled in size thus far) from the great pattern by Turvids using Bernat's BlackLites in Purple Power. Black Lites is a super bulky and super…


angry and frustrated at how my life is playing out right now. guess the hammer finally dropped... rant to follow(sorry)... conveniently provided in list form.

- being on an indeterminate amount of medical leave and hoping they'll even (or be able to) take my non-productive ass back if and when the time comes.
- hubby possibly losing his job due to cut backs.
- the economy in general.
- holiday marketing.
- the fact that my stupid body won't let me function properly for more than a few days(such a tease).
- the idea in my head that everything will get better eventually.
- finding out we were pregnant (with no maternity coverage)
- scrambling around to find an OB then losing the baby less than a week after we found out.
- the pending medical bill
- finding out cousin-in laws are expecting a baby the same month we were due.
- husband getting fixed (this was planned before we found out about the baby).
- being a responsible adult
- knowing that life isn't fair
- my body taking forever and a…