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recalibration continued

it's been a ride... wth... I'd like to get off this tram now :P

on leave from work as of last tuesday. need to get my productivity/life back in a more consistent manner before attempting full time employment again. the timing isn't too swell but there really wasn't any other option that I'd want to take.

so kinda pitiful right now, okay some days, super tired and achy the next. don't worry too much about me though, I have some great doctors and supportive family in my corner. it's just going to take time to build back up from zero.

in decent spirits... resting and catching up on the home front this past week.

less depressing, new stuff coming soon ;)

a holiday greeting

from my etsy shop...

seriously though, I'm in a decent mood. I just enjoy partaking in the anti-holiday spirit... makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :)


a new knitting project or maybe picking up the crochet shoe-a-baloo adventure again...feels urge to keep hands busy, maybe some home improvement projects like painting too ... thinks this is a weird side effect of recuperation?

just realized she is blogging in plurkese :P