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the little sweater... not so much... it got frogged :P
Need to try again soon once I finish up the fathead shrug and moomoo is getting a pink shrug using the same base pattern but upped a notch or two for a 4T size. awesome, awesome patterns and most of them are freebies!



yep, first pair of finished shoes in like forever and getting the mojo for more! woohoo :D

feeling a little better

today started out crazy rough... migraine and joints acting up :P

think I'm getting my second wind now though.

my gran taught me to purl today in the continental style... finally had enough people show me that it clicked lol. although I think me and gran share a common brain, so she was the perfect person to teach me. :)

also picked up kfb (knit front back) with help from that site rocks!

why all the learning?
well finally decide to work on projects larger than shoes (check out my ravelry page for more info) two little people projects one for moo (tiny top down #608 by cabin fever) and one for pipe (confection shrug by, thanks to finding a yarn shop (ewetopia in troy, ohio - with super friendly gals at the helm I've gained a bit of confidence, knowledge, yarn and desire for projects that take longer to make.

hopefully, I'll be back in the swing soon on hooking too. I've been passing out lots of info on HAP (pattern and …

holy cow

hi there... almost one month later... ugh

final shoe count for may was 8!
8 pairs of lonely little shoes :P and so far none for June... oops ;)

Good news is I think we (new doctor and I) have figured out what might be causing some of this gosh awful fatigue and joint stiffness (crossing fingers now that I can) surprising it's not depression that has put me in a funk (duh!) it's low progesterone... all my other blood work came back normal and this one was the only dinger.

Let's just say that I'm very relived to be deemed at least one step closer to 'not crazy' vs 'crazy' ;)

With that in mind fiber has kinda taken a back burner for me lately. The great news is along with the medical clarity arriving is an order of superwash sock yarn and worsted wt. wool are on the way! So I'll be posting new dye jobs (hopefully) over the next few weeks. Got some great color combos brewing in my head so we'll see.

The hooking blog (and flickr thing) will be back up and …