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50 pairs :D

another end of the month count up :)

I'm working on pair ten for the month of April. It's been a crazy sicky filled month and I'm glad it's almost over woohoo! and impressed I even was able to produce the number of shoes I have...

and of course may eve is tomorrow ;)

so pair number 10 is brought to you courteous of Jan and Tilly the llama of Moon Light Llamas

Jan hand spun and dyed this weeks feature ... be sure to check out the hooking blog for more details... full posting on Wednesday 4/30/2008.

ha' 12:01 :P

just squeaked in pair 15 for the month of march woot!

got it finished just before 12:01 (I know 12:00:01 is technically april one, but I'm rounding up a smidge).

so woot la doo.

Rita of Yarn Hollow donated this weeks gallon bag over full of yarn for hooking and hers was lucky pair 15 :D

onward to April and 159 more shoes to go...*eek*

I just did the math for fun ... that's 17.66666666667 pairs a month til the end of the year

*double eek*

yet somehow still doable... well maybe, we'll see, keep fingers crossed.