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damn my hands

I'm apparently bitchy this week. Not that anyone has told be specifically, I just feel that way. My hands are not cooperating, they get a numby feeling... both of them. Yesterday was spent using a mouse left handily... actually made my brain hurt to do that... odd.

My joints just hurt, don't worry next week I'll be fine again. f...n' immune system.

Work was going well. It's been launch-a-palooza at work for the past few weeks except this week. Some days it just doesn't pay to climb outta bed... ugh.

Switching between design and programming (both of which I love to do) sometimes just doesn't work out. And when it doesn't work out ... it really doesn't work out and I fall flat on my face. Example: the last few months. Just not in the groove I suppose.

My design skills seem to be taking a hiatus for some reason (my guess is stress) and programing is going okay until I sit at my screen all day trying to figure out the evils of drupal. (nice menus and IE ju…

where kat go.

kat go boom. it's been super busy at work, home and every where else the last few weeks. which is good I suppose. I'm back on the shoe wagon again :D with this weeks massive installment planned.

Thank you to all my great etsy gals for donating the piles of yarn I've used to create the 50/50 shoes and for supporting my crazy endeavors to being with ;)

So far the hooking list is up to 13! with over 3/4 of the yarn being graciously donated by fellow etsians. Please check out the hooking blog for more details on these shops.

Please let me know of purchases made from the featured shops after they where featured on the blog so I can enter your names into a special drawing (again, more details on the hooking blog).

On a yarn diet? Leaving a comment on the hooking blog also provides a way of entering the contest. (purchases will count as two entries). Have a great night.

a little math

yeah! I made my goal of 10 pairs for the month of feb. and march is looking good so far with 4 pairs already completed!

a tally so far

Jan. 16
Feb. 10
Mar. 4

to meet my goal of 200 pairs of shoes this year I'd better get cracking as I'll need way more than 10 pairs a month, each month, to hit my goal. Check out the new shoe counter on the side bar.

onward shoes... new hooking update (with contest) tonight :)