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hand painted yarny yarn

my first foray into yarn dyeing went surprisingly well with no visible wayward dye on me :D

I've already balled up and started working with the first batch of shoe sized skeins. I made these trial sized little guys just the right size for my baby shoes so the yarn wouldn't go to waste.

I'm running a low on shoe production lately, hoping to create at least 10 pairs this month (2 more to go... ugh) last month I finished 16. Crossing my fingers that March is way more productive :)

rearranging the furniture

lots of yarn came in today for me from three seperate places woohoo!

here are the etsy's... omgosh the yarn is just beautiful :)

From craftygirl83
Cirque Barnum - a bright pile of dk weight superwash (check out hooking in a few weeks to see in shoes form... plus a special sale discount to her shop )

From mymommadethis
Gelateria - great worsted weight - will also be featured on in the following weeks. Sharon sent me a lovely skein which then made the urge to buy the other one to hard to hold back... hence the purchase above and the two other skeins too (oops) such an enabler ;)
Thank you btw :)

Rugged - just as pictured. warm browns, greys and fleck of natural creamy tans - perfect scraf skein

Blue Cheer: holy cow is this yarn just absolutly the best. the color is a rich jewel tone of cyan blue... amazing! and way prettier in person than the picture shows.

The third box was yarn blanks... we'll see how that goes ;)


Last night was a major stitch-marker making day... sent out three packages of markers and one of baby shoes to four awesome etsy gals.

Great News Too!
The first pair of Hooking for Charity 50/50 Shoes has sold and is on it's way to a happy new home :D

I finally learned to knit more than one row!

Which of course makes me want to dance in the streets, merrily telling every soul this useless bit of info... but it feels great in a weird tingly kinda way. no idea, honestly.

I've been trying for years to get the concept down, it just hasn't clicked until Monday evening (I wanted to write down the exact time it was that crazy) one minute no idea, the next... row after row of garter stitch... wtf?

So now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't drop a whole half row of stitches or my little man (2 year old) gets his sticky little nubs on my pretty 5 inches of fabric.

what a life... having the house sick for a month really kills the brain cell apparently ;)