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post holiday

still here... still surrounded by mounds of crazy... it's okay and getting more manageable *knock on wood* :)

Getting some energy back in small spurts so I've been avoiding the computer and focusing on reorganizing my house/office/life. Progress is being made, hardwood flooring that's been missing for a few months is visible again...

figure cleaning is the best exercise/stress reducer for now... cause it's the Midwest and 60 degrees one day, 28 degrees the next :P

so other than that I'm still kinda freaked about our job situations and the economy in general, though at this point it would be odd not to be freaking out about the economy, will just remain cautious and hope for a much better new year *fingers crossed*.

stay safe and drink one for me.

holding pattern

Been laying low the last few weeks trying to take gauge of all the changes that are happening.

My pharmacist started treating me for fibromyalgia last week as a more aggressive plan of action and I did get a second opinion (my regular MD) to agree with the diagnosis today, a bit of relief.

also scary... it's a double edged sword I'm not sure how to take right now, so it can just stay an after thought in the back of my head for a few more days while I line up my new medicine regiment.

In the mist of all the craziness that has been my life for the last few months, my knitting style has navigated to more complex smaller needle type stuff. The first pair of socks started yesterday using 2 circs (size 6's), turkish cast on and this pattern It's a guy pattern, my feet are wide and average so I'll just shorten the foot to fit my size 7.5 girl feet.

I'll try to get some progress shots once the foot area is farther along.

other than that, happy holidays and be careful in th…

and with every crash

comes a reprieve...
the rollercoster ride is on it's way back up after another horrible fall down hill.

I think the last few times have been mainly caused by the inadequate progesterone levels in my system... sorry if it's TMI. f'in hormones, some of it is recovery, the doctors said it's going to suck for the next 3-6 months while my body tries to figure out what the hell just happened to it.

the rest is just good ol' train wreck katkoe.

the crashes suck and then I'm fine within a day or so, how stupid is that.

still waiting on my joints to get back in the game, just glad all the mood swings have subsided.

and now some happier stuff, well deserving reader...

The knit needles are being worked well and some flirting has been going on with the occasional crochet hook...

The above is the start of an elongated stitch scarf (it has doubled in size thus far) from the great pattern by Turvids using Bernat's BlackLites in Purple Power. Black Lites is a super bulky and super…


angry and frustrated at how my life is playing out right now. guess the hammer finally dropped... rant to follow(sorry)... conveniently provided in list form.

- being on an indeterminate amount of medical leave and hoping they'll even (or be able to) take my non-productive ass back if and when the time comes.
- hubby possibly losing his job due to cut backs.
- the economy in general.
- holiday marketing.
- the fact that my stupid body won't let me function properly for more than a few days(such a tease).
- the idea in my head that everything will get better eventually.
- finding out we were pregnant (with no maternity coverage)
- scrambling around to find an OB then losing the baby less than a week after we found out.
- the pending medical bill
- finding out cousin-in laws are expecting a baby the same month we were due.
- husband getting fixed (this was planned before we found out about the baby).
- being a responsible adult
- knowing that life isn't fair
- my body taking forever and a…

recalibration continued

it's been a ride... wth... I'd like to get off this tram now :P

on leave from work as of last tuesday. need to get my productivity/life back in a more consistent manner before attempting full time employment again. the timing isn't too swell but there really wasn't any other option that I'd want to take.

so kinda pitiful right now, okay some days, super tired and achy the next. don't worry too much about me though, I have some great doctors and supportive family in my corner. it's just going to take time to build back up from zero.

in decent spirits... resting and catching up on the home front this past week.

less depressing, new stuff coming soon ;)

a holiday greeting

from my etsy shop...

seriously though, I'm in a decent mood. I just enjoy partaking in the anti-holiday spirit... makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :)


a new knitting project or maybe picking up the crochet shoe-a-baloo adventure again...feels urge to keep hands busy, maybe some home improvement projects like painting too ... thinks this is a weird side effect of recuperation?

just realized she is blogging in plurkese :P

feeling better

thank you to everyone for the kind words and messages, they are truly appreciated.

I'm feeling better, getting some strength back and pretty much painfree (knock on wood). My first day back to work was yesterday. made it about five hours which I think is pretty dang good considering.

Today was good too, came home around 4:15 bummed around with the midgets for dinner, then took dd trick-o'-treating after her dance class. we hit about 8 houses, it felt good to get out for a nice slow recuperative walk, the weather was crisp and sunny, nice fall day.

My mom has been helping out tons around the house and with the kids, seriously don't know how the woman does it but very grateful none the less.

I did pick up the knit needles again on Sunday. Currently working on a multi-directional scarf made from my hand-dyed worsted yarn (harlot colorway). Once it's finished I'll try to get some photos up.

Other than that I'm kinda boring :)

it makes sense now...

I figured I should blog since I've been missing in action for awhile now. As mentioned earlier I've been fighting an insane amount of fatigue lately.

Well the last month or so has been bad enough to prevent me from crafting daily and generally taking care of my family duties.

There have been good weeks here and there so I could catch up on some stuff. My life was basically spinning out of control though and apparently needed to be recalibrated before I completely crashed or lost my job from being too tired to do things properly/on time.

That recalibration came on Thursday and also kinda explains why I've felt miserable the month or so.

We found out we were pregnant last Saturday, I was relieved a little because it explained the extreme fatigue and the more intense cramping I'd been having on my left side. (I was thinking this was just my progesterone replacement therapy going wrong).

Monday morning started off fine, my stress levels where down, my brain and body where on th…


Some photos (finally) of what I've been up to this month. It's been super busy in the shop which is awesome! Thank you, everyone for your continued patronage :)

and... more sock yarn blanks arrived today *woot*

take cares -kat

picture this... and this ... and this and oh oh check this out (sorry)

erm... as it were and all...

here are some recent shots of things I've been up to *insert dancing nanner here*

**** side note... blogger's busted up and jankie... please check my flickr and soon I'll have the photos up ... grr ***

New Hooking For Charity Post!

yep, Hooking for Chairty has a new post :)


shoe mojo went bye bye again :P sweater mojo on the other hand :D

about 5 inches in to my little man's v neck sweater vest made with Bernet Softee Chunky in sunny yellow(body), pumpkin orange (upper chest) and either red, purple or green for the ribbing.

Photos soon.

little fat heads shrug is to the arms so it's getting closer too :D


the little sweater... not so much... it got frogged :P
Need to try again soon once I finish up the fathead shrug and moomoo is getting a pink shrug using the same base pattern but upped a notch or two for a 4T size. awesome, awesome patterns and most of them are freebies!



yep, first pair of finished shoes in like forever and getting the mojo for more! woohoo :D

feeling a little better

today started out crazy rough... migraine and joints acting up :P

think I'm getting my second wind now though.

my gran taught me to purl today in the continental style... finally had enough people show me that it clicked lol. although I think me and gran share a common brain, so she was the perfect person to teach me. :)

also picked up kfb (knit front back) with help from that site rocks!

why all the learning?
well finally decide to work on projects larger than shoes (check out my ravelry page for more info) two little people projects one for moo (tiny top down #608 by cabin fever) and one for pipe (confection shrug by, thanks to finding a yarn shop (ewetopia in troy, ohio - with super friendly gals at the helm I've gained a bit of confidence, knowledge, yarn and desire for projects that take longer to make.

hopefully, I'll be back in the swing soon on hooking too. I've been passing out lots of info on HAP (pattern and …

holy cow

hi there... almost one month later... ugh

final shoe count for may was 8!
8 pairs of lonely little shoes :P and so far none for June... oops ;)

Good news is I think we (new doctor and I) have figured out what might be causing some of this gosh awful fatigue and joint stiffness (crossing fingers now that I can) surprising it's not depression that has put me in a funk (duh!) it's low progesterone... all my other blood work came back normal and this one was the only dinger.

Let's just say that I'm very relived to be deemed at least one step closer to 'not crazy' vs 'crazy' ;)

With that in mind fiber has kinda taken a back burner for me lately. The great news is along with the medical clarity arriving is an order of superwash sock yarn and worsted wt. wool are on the way! So I'll be posting new dye jobs (hopefully) over the next few weeks. Got some great color combos brewing in my head so we'll see.

The hooking blog (and flickr thing) will be back up and …


1 pair of shoes this month so far... it's almost mid-may...eek

okay, so some of this shoe dilemma is probably me having a quarter-life type crisis with my birthday fast approaching :P I'll be 27 on the 13th ... eek

now I official feel old.

the good news is I've finally figured out the proper acid ratio for my yarn dyeing (crossing fingers) so shop updates should move faster once I'm able to order my next batch of sock yarn :D

it's so nice to have one wash and hang before sale ready... ahh hopefully this will cut down on the BB's (b#%^ard balls)

and I'll leave with the comment... I really need to get my old self off to bed

50 pairs :D

another end of the month count up :)

I'm working on pair ten for the month of April. It's been a crazy sicky filled month and I'm glad it's almost over woohoo! and impressed I even was able to produce the number of shoes I have...

and of course may eve is tomorrow ;)

so pair number 10 is brought to you courteous of Jan and Tilly the llama of Moon Light Llamas

Jan hand spun and dyed this weeks feature ... be sure to check out the hooking blog for more details... full posting on Wednesday 4/30/2008.

ha' 12:01 :P

just squeaked in pair 15 for the month of march woot!

got it finished just before 12:01 (I know 12:00:01 is technically april one, but I'm rounding up a smidge).

so woot la doo.

Rita of Yarn Hollow donated this weeks gallon bag over full of yarn for hooking and hers was lucky pair 15 :D

onward to April and 159 more shoes to go...*eek*

I just did the math for fun ... that's 17.66666666667 pairs a month til the end of the year

*double eek*

yet somehow still doable... well maybe, we'll see, keep fingers crossed.

damn my hands

I'm apparently bitchy this week. Not that anyone has told be specifically, I just feel that way. My hands are not cooperating, they get a numby feeling... both of them. Yesterday was spent using a mouse left handily... actually made my brain hurt to do that... odd.

My joints just hurt, don't worry next week I'll be fine again. f...n' immune system.

Work was going well. It's been launch-a-palooza at work for the past few weeks except this week. Some days it just doesn't pay to climb outta bed... ugh.

Switching between design and programming (both of which I love to do) sometimes just doesn't work out. And when it doesn't work out ... it really doesn't work out and I fall flat on my face. Example: the last few months. Just not in the groove I suppose.

My design skills seem to be taking a hiatus for some reason (my guess is stress) and programing is going okay until I sit at my screen all day trying to figure out the evils of drupal. (nice menus and IE ju…

where kat go.

kat go boom. it's been super busy at work, home and every where else the last few weeks. which is good I suppose. I'm back on the shoe wagon again :D with this weeks massive installment planned.

Thank you to all my great etsy gals for donating the piles of yarn I've used to create the 50/50 shoes and for supporting my crazy endeavors to being with ;)

So far the hooking list is up to 13! with over 3/4 of the yarn being graciously donated by fellow etsians. Please check out the hooking blog for more details on these shops.

Please let me know of purchases made from the featured shops after they where featured on the blog so I can enter your names into a special drawing (again, more details on the hooking blog).

On a yarn diet? Leaving a comment on the hooking blog also provides a way of entering the contest. (purchases will count as two entries). Have a great night.

a little math

yeah! I made my goal of 10 pairs for the month of feb. and march is looking good so far with 4 pairs already completed!

a tally so far

Jan. 16
Feb. 10
Mar. 4

to meet my goal of 200 pairs of shoes this year I'd better get cracking as I'll need way more than 10 pairs a month, each month, to hit my goal. Check out the new shoe counter on the side bar.

onward shoes... new hooking update (with contest) tonight :)

hand painted yarny yarn

my first foray into yarn dyeing went surprisingly well with no visible wayward dye on me :D

I've already balled up and started working with the first batch of shoe sized skeins. I made these trial sized little guys just the right size for my baby shoes so the yarn wouldn't go to waste.

I'm running a low on shoe production lately, hoping to create at least 10 pairs this month (2 more to go... ugh) last month I finished 16. Crossing my fingers that March is way more productive :)

rearranging the furniture

lots of yarn came in today for me from three seperate places woohoo!

here are the etsy's... omgosh the yarn is just beautiful :)

From craftygirl83
Cirque Barnum - a bright pile of dk weight superwash (check out hooking in a few weeks to see in shoes form... plus a special sale discount to her shop )

From mymommadethis
Gelateria - great worsted weight - will also be featured on in the following weeks. Sharon sent me a lovely skein which then made the urge to buy the other one to hard to hold back... hence the purchase above and the two other skeins too (oops) such an enabler ;)
Thank you btw :)

Rugged - just as pictured. warm browns, greys and fleck of natural creamy tans - perfect scraf skein

Blue Cheer: holy cow is this yarn just absolutly the best. the color is a rich jewel tone of cyan blue... amazing! and way prettier in person than the picture shows.

The third box was yarn blanks... we'll see how that goes ;)


Last night was a major stitch-marker making day... sent out three packages of markers and one of baby shoes to four awesome etsy gals.

Great News Too!
The first pair of Hooking for Charity 50/50 Shoes has sold and is on it's way to a happy new home :D

I finally learned to knit more than one row!

Which of course makes me want to dance in the streets, merrily telling every soul this useless bit of info... but it feels great in a weird tingly kinda way. no idea, honestly.

I've been trying for years to get the concept down, it just hasn't clicked until Monday evening (I wanted to write down the exact time it was that crazy) one minute no idea, the next... row after row of garter stitch... wtf?

So now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't drop a whole half row of stitches or my little man (2 year old) gets his sticky little nubs on my pretty 5 inches of fabric.

what a life... having the house sick for a month really kills the brain cell apparently ;)


so... I kinda miss being able to post updates to my current projects on the Hooking for Charity site so I've decided to branch out my blogging into this new blog as well... sorry for the confusions.

this week my stitch marker escapades have being paying off

my new heart markers turned out great :D

I also created a Flicker and Ravelry account to display some of the stuff I'm working on so be sure to check those out as well... everything is under katkoe.