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Caran d'Ache day 2 & 3 and a turtle

More craft-everyday stuffs mixed in with some studying:

art with a side of Bacon, Francis Bacon that is...

Finished the "extras" yesterday and the "crochet" sign today. Looks like I'll need to rework the knit sign to make it blend in with the rest.

Per request, someone needed a new turtle pic so here is the progress so far. I used a bright mango-orange 3x5" card with a smooth finish as my base.

first rough-in
Caran d'Ache Neocolor I's: starting with orange to rough-in the shape, then going over the background with turquoise blue.

next layer

 After making a few modifications to my design with the orange, I moved onto the emerald green to start laying in and finalizing the shape of my turtle. I like to start with the lighter shades of wax sticks and then build on my design with progressively darker sticks. This way if I made a mistake with the first try I can keep layering colors until the shape is just what I had in mind.

getting closer...
There is probably one more set of layering to finish up this little guy, including finishing out the shell plates and word bubble. So far the main color of the turtle is made up of the yellow-green stick with the background color of the card showing through. I added flower chunks with a magenta toned stick that is actually called purple. For a link to the supplies I used check out yesterday's post. Thanks!

Happy crafting!