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Theme Day: Red

Ever have a day were things seem to pattern?

A few Sundays ago I ventured out to see what kind of after holiday stuff could be scored. First stop was at my favorite clothing store maurices where I scooped up a load of "teacher" clothes and shoes (4 shirts, 1 pair of shoes, bracelets and nail polish) for less than $35! My frequent shopper punch card gave me for $10 off next shopping trip coupon, w00t!

After coming home I noticed a trend in my selections, lots of red and metal studs, both of which I normally do not buy.
 'Red' (well, and pirate sort of...)

After a long day shopping all over the place I cleaned out our cupboard to clear space for hubby's new baby (read: big bottle of Crown Royal). Apparently, we do not drink much wine...

Yes, the bottle has been etched red... a pretty, transparent hue, very similar to the clothing I just bought. Does anyone else notice odd patterns like this?

And one more 'red' I just stumbled across... photo of some hats I finished last year. Chunky hat, CO 60 on size US 11 and about two or four hours later finished!

 Happy Crafting!