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The Long Catch-up over Holiday

Well hi there. Last year sort of fell off the map didn't it? Honestly, this year is trying really hard to do the same. Did I mention we are only 8 days into January?!?!!!!

My brain can barely wrap around that fact. Part of it wants to be all "damn it! slow down, it's already Jan. 8th" and the other half is thinking "with all that has gone on in the last few weeks, why isn't it February already? Geez!"

Getting to winter break this time around was a crazy rabid adventure in endurance. Semester did not end until mid-December where as quarters always had us done with classes before Thanksgiving. Done by turkey day was awesome compared to "hey you run a business that gets really busy that time of year, you know what? We're going to keep throwing assignments at you 5 days a week because, you know, time for actual work is not important!" As an added bonus to finally finishing Fall semester with some sanity, the whole family managed to acquire the stomach-flu from hell or my the preferred name puke-and-um-you-know-until-you-are-completely-empty-of-any-type-of-fluid plague o_0 It was the awesome I tell you. Sleep is totally overrated especially when you, yourself, are hunched over in misery.

Just before the worst of the virus hit the family faced another adventure. GPT, my maternal grandfather, went into hospice care for failing kidneys. He was the 85 year old patriarch of our brood. Very kid friendly and my favorite part, he was still using his computer every day to send joke emails to friends.

Over the last several years GPT was always cold. Since he loved the color yellow I dyed up some crazy-pants yarn and knit him some socks. I have the socks back in my possession now that he has passed. He was a good spirit, never too serious, so the socks matched his personality.

Christmas time was his favorite so it was kind of ironic his body gave up during this time of year. Thankfully he went pretty quickly and mostly comfortable. The kids, most of the grand-kids and great-grands got to say their good byes and spend time taking care for him before he went. The snow storms relented long enough for the rest of the family to come in for a sunny, though chilly funeral.

And then we sprang into Christmas mode. Which was an odd but comforting shift of focus for a few days. Chi worked a lot of over time during his company's holiday shut down plus got the stomach-plaque himself putting our wedding anniversary celebration on hold (happy 11 years baby!). By the time we all felt better it was already time for our New Year's Eve game night at the house.

Now it's January and yeah! flu season for the kidlet. I swear I could not make up this chain of events if I tried. Hopefully, tonight will mark the shift back to normal school routine for the whole house. I am definitely ready to get back to a schedule and some knitting time!