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up and down

well today has just been full of the crazy.

I'll start with the ugh and move my way up, since I hate ending on a pessimistic note (shocking, I know)

Mom went into the hospital for pneumonia type issues.
-so far it's just for observation. poor thing looked horrible this morning when I stopped by so glad she is getting some added care.

This week is also chucked full of school deadlines to the point of almost being comical. Next week barely a thing, this week oh-heck-no :p

and of course the Good:
The long awaited Loaf Baby-Toddler Sock/Slipper Pattern is now available for purchase as a download on Ravelry.


Our Etsy Shop is just 11 away from 400 hundred sales in less than three years
(thank you to all our customers, your choice to spend those precious dollars in our store means a lot and we're so great-full.)

so now I best hop back off of here to accomplish something, have a good night folks.