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It's that time of year again

well, I made it 9 days into the daily blogging thing before crash, bang, boom!

It's funny because after waking to the realization on day 11 that I completely forgot to blog the night prior I didn't really sweat it to much as I though "no problem, I'll make it up during the day sometime". Ah, denial is a beautiful thing.

Six days later and here I am, cranking through my little guilt trip of a list, trying to catch back up. Again.

I'm actively talking myself out of over reacting and instead working out a set of steps to get caught back up without letting the crazy pity party get too out of hand. So far so good.

... and since a lovely friend reminded me that holiday is less than 6 weeks away, (I thought I'd pass that little freak out along to you) I've included a link to my Mini Frumpy Gramps Sweater Ornament as an encouragement/quickly stocking stuffer idea. Happy Knitting!