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Quarterly Update: knitterly intentions 2010

To help keep myself on track/honest, here is an update of knitterly goals for the year.

1 holiday gift from 2009
completed after holiday and delivered in late Jan. Pattern is Pretty Thing by yarn harlot. I love this pattern. It's very well written but I had to struggle to finish, guess lace knitting is not my thing.

1 hat for kat: oh lookie, yes, I actually finished an item for myself. The very cozy hat was much appreciated for all the cold weather and walks to campus from the parking lot. I'll be knitting this pattern for hubs hat too but will add about 1.5" to the length for a better fit.

Only two items check off the list so far, had a minor case of cast-on-itis so I'm way behind in the finished goods department :p

the rest of the Things to do and a few change-a-roos:
1 hat for chi:
was hoping for a trilobite hat but just wasn't feeling it so now I'm back to plain 6x2 ribbing a la' watchmen cap.

1 hat for boo:
Changed to one small Shalom.

1 vest for tre:
little bugger grew so it's time to rip out 6 inches of sweater vest and try again, maybe with different needles, acrylic and bamboo are not friends.

1 socks for chi:
these babies are over half finished, to the gusset on one and several inches into the other.

1 MIL cloggles:
poor yarn has been sitting in stash for almost two years :( needles are free again and yarn is balled so there is some hope to this being done by next winter... hopefully.

1 socks for kat:
not even close, these have been hibernating since last summer :p

5 random holiday gifts before December:
will probably be started in Nov. 2010 cause' that's how I roll, yo.

3 baby sweaters:
plus at least 2 more... geez, gals seriously?

1 Pretty Thing:
I think this project is getting removed from the list, more lace knitting isn't going to be happening.

1 grandpa socks:
yarn + pattern = lack of motivation

1 josh hat:
another last minute holiday rush is probably in this patterns future.

1 lapghan (knitted):
basket weave pattern started with double-held softy chunky on size 15's. A true test of will-power is going to be required to finally finish an afghan. Sock = doable, afghans = not so much :(

1 sedona socks:
thinking of switching to the Manhattan pattern for its no-brainer pattern and sweet texture.

1 aunt socks:
kill two birds with one stone? Manhattan's for auntie?

3 mini sweaters:
waiting for some good dk weight yarn to fall into my lap before starting these.

lots of little hearts:
slackerhood totally missed V-day so these are going off the list too.

several scarves:
one started, about half finished.

So what's on your needles?