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Baking of Bread

For a gal who can char even ready-to-bake cookies, the idea of making bread from scratch was meet with much hesitation and finger crossing. Luckily, I found a site called Cooking Bread which offers tons of simple recipes that require minimal ingredients. Surprisingly enough I even found a recipe that only used items I had on hand (woohoo!).

Flour, lard (yeppers, in stock for tortilla and biscuit making), yeast, water, salt, butter, sugar and eggs. The instructions are straight forward, but I make extra copies so I can cross out each step as I go. This kinda helps the brain remember where it's been already. The site also offers pic-tutorial with some of the recipes.

Plus there is no soy in the Farmhous Bread if you use animal lard and butter vs. vegetable shortening and margarine, that means no nappy time for kat. Gluten-free recipes are also available on the Cooking Bread website.

Only change to the recipe I found was to divide the dough into 4 smaller loafs instead of two. The smaller loafs are easier to store/gift. Bake away!