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sunshine and warmth and friendship

sunshine and warmth, two things which are sorely lacking in OH right now. The weather was a bit warmer today, but it came with uninviting gray skies. So winter blah blah right now.

I think I'm just using the crap weather as my excuse for being unproductive. Having a major case of the brain fog probably isn't helping much either.

It has at least made life more entertaining. What's your name again, how do you spell the word "the", did I forget something, what was the password to an account I use everyday?

The good news is that since the hormones aren't going nuts-crazy as much the hazy-half asleep feelings have mostly gone but the fog still rears it's head now and then making it difficult to think in a solid fashion.

I'm plainly aware la cabeza isn't working properly or making all the connections that it should. I'm not drunk, high or concussioned. All of which would probably be way more fun. Instead it's kinda like watching a bad sitcom only you are both the the actor and the audience. Priceless.

So to my friends (hubs included) I just want to say you are the bested for helping me through this. You guys just kinda shrug it off and left me to my own devices. Always there to help out, pick up or remind. Which at the end of the day is just plain awesome. Thank you and hugs.