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It's finals week at casa de katkoe and I'm pretty sure this event has caused some kind of riff in the time space continuum. Twice already this week I've look at the clock only to see it be like 5 hours later than I thought it was.

Aside from the strange time travel issues, achy joints from the crazy Ohio weather (i.e. 70+ degrees in November!) and of course the fact that it IS finals week I'm managing pretty well, or at least enjoying the delusions of such.

Of course Thanksgiving is next week already with not a stitch of holiday knitting complete. Dear family ya'all are getting dollar tree mystery gifts this year I swear.

So wowzy. How's things on everyone else's side of the world?

Tea / vodka anyone?

Hank, on the other hand, is handling all the stresses quite well &
is helping stock the shop for the Bah Hum Bug Sale.
Such a swell guy/sheep isn't he?