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While out on coffee/tea break/antiquing with gal pal Sara of SaraPaper I found this clever little spoon. I guess it would be considered a true tea teaspoon. Works by filling one side of the spoon, then hinge the other side over to create a perfect metal tea bag. Very cool and one of those nifty things that just makes me smile, cause I'm apparently easily amused ;)

Also photoed is my new addiction, loose leaf tea. It really doesn't take too much more time to make an amazing cup of tea. Very much worth it actually. Now all I need to do is get a nice 4 cup ceramic tea pot for steeping instead of using over sized coffee mugs and other random glass containers to do my dirty work with.

The tea and tin above is LiberTeas Breakfast in Bed. Her Earl Grey Creme is also very smooth and delicious with no bitterness in the after-note.