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some form of growth - dinner

Our garden exploded this week. The cucumbers and squash are now well over knee high and starting to flower. The beans and peas are also starting to flower and will be producing soon-ish we hope and the onion sets are suddenly ginormous.

The start of this week also marked the first harvest from the garden, 4 radish and a quart of bib lettuce :)
Since then 8 more radish and a huge bag of greens have been pulled.

Somehow we ended up with one dark purple radish out of the lot of red ones. Never seen a radish this color. I used it when I made butter fried radishes for a late night snack and it tasted the same but dyed the paper plate indigo blue. Mmm blue food.

Forgot my camera last trip to the garden and will hopefully have some photos late this week of the middle garden bed. The bed must have gotten sprinkled with franken-food since each week it seems to pretty much double in size, basically taking over the other two beds which seem to be struggling right now.

Odd but very cool to watch.