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from the desk of katkoe - time suck can be so pretty

Those sweet little wooden tooth picks look so cute and innocent, then wham, you're staying up for hours knitting around and around trying to finish just one more row. Because after all you're soooo close to finished, so close... sweater denial is so much easier to ignore.

Well, I actually finished these beauties at midnight-ish today/yesterday EST (reference: loud a** jammies). The big push to finish came from a Ravelry Group Sock-a-Long featuring the goodness that is

The blue socks above where knit using the Lacy Ribs pattern from Wendy's book "Socks from the Toe Up" using some of my hand dyed stash in "Icy".

Love, love, love this pattern for it's 4 row repeat and extra stretchiness. Be sure to get gauge or just go down a foot size, depending on your tolerance for adventure, to compensate for the extra give.

other than that I'm boring, working and doing okay *fingers crossed*