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from the desk of katkoe - ninja style

Sorry to be all 'ninja style' lately. I've been hiding out doing some web work for a great group of local gals who run a webzine called The Family Fun Finder.

The new site will update weekly with news, special deals and blogs geared towards local family fun. (Local for us is North-West Ohio.) The site is still in incubation mode but is so close to finished it's crazy (doing happy dance). The blogs and forums are a great read even if you're not local to Ohio so I'll be sure to give more links once we have the polish applied to the site :)

Busy busy has also involved a lot of production mode for PnY. The local Farmers' Market starts May 30th so I've been squeezing in craft time whenever I can to have a nice stash of goodies to take with me.

Love this time of year though it's crazy crazy for me too. Ah, summer.