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some form of growth - how to grow things on top of your refrigerator instead of in it...

My little seedlets began their journey parked on top of the fridge where it is nice and cozy. Then after few day where migrated to atop a wooden chair located in front of the big bay window. A little warm air provided by a small electric heater and bam!

baby tomato plants... aren't they just the cutest :)

The whole clan checks up on them everyday (sometimes several times a day) just to see what new sprouts have emerged. Some of the plants have already hit 2" tall.

It's so nutty to watch the toilet paper rolls going from just dirt to being filled with little plants in a matter of a day or two. Sometimes the little buggers have popped up with a few minutes of checking on there siblings. Their so tiny and delicate that it's hard to believe we may actually get full size tomatoes out of them. Isn't nature just the coolest?

Here's hoping to a bountiful and fun gardening season.