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Getting Crafty With It - Drop Spindle and Knit Needles from Flag Post

Cheap Spinners Kits

One quick trip to the dollar store or some stash/trash diving and you'll have yourself a spinners kit in just a few simple steps. (ie. drop spindle and knitting needles)

  • 11 mm reclaimed flag pole or dowel rod
    (one of those personal sized flags, available during 4th of July)
  • Old CD (use two for heavier spindle)
  • Band Aid
  • Eye Hook/Cup Hook
    (available in $1 Picture Hanging Kit from Dollar Store, lots of goodies in this kit)
  • Cutting Implement
  • Sand Paper or Nail File
  • Rubber Grommet (available at hardware or on Etsy)
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Screwdriver or Pliers for opening Hook a bit

Knit Needle Sections

Begin by visually dividing/marking the stick for two knit needles with the remaining finial end (decorative end) left to be the bottom of your drop spindle.

In my example I ended up with two 7" Knit Needles.

Next carefully cut the pieces apart and sand the ends. ** Be sure to leave the finial attached.

Using one of the knit needle sized pieces, place an end of the dowel rod into the pencil sharpener and firmly hold it in place while sharpening the stick until your knit needle is to the desired point.

Repeat with second stick, being sure to check frequently that the needles are still the same size and end up the same sharpness.

Smooth out any rough spots with sandpaper or nail file.

Drop Spindle Section

There are tons of tutorials all over the Internet on the finer points of spindle making, I'll basically include just a brief detail with some of the MacGyvering that I used to make this thing work with what I had on hand.

Begin by sanding smooth the cut end of your flag stick.

Screw in the eye hook on this end and slightly expand the loop of the eye hook so that fiber will squeeze through.

Next wrap a band aid around the part where your CD will rest. This will help snug up the fit if it's a little sloppy.

Slip rubber grommet over the band aid area.

Now slip the CD to the grommet and gently line up the inner grove of the grommet with the inside hole of the CD. Snap into place. Repeat this step if using two CD's.

That's it. Pretty quick hey?