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getting all crafty with it / planning for farmers market/

Wow it's been a busy week in the crafty department at PnY.

With the Farmer's market season fast approaching I'm starting to explore my dumpster chic style of life.

It's also the 'year of the simplify' so anything not moving is getting turned into something cute and/or useful before it leaves the house. (See Above).

That is indeed a leftover Raisin Bread plastic bag reliving life in a fused plastic envelope/wallet form. Part of a Home and Garden Party bag provided the clear overlay plastic and the super thick bread bag was 'sandwiched' inside and stitched up. The best part is that the bag still smells like cinnamon mmmmm :)

Another simplify rule is evolving too: all personal stash spinning fiber must fit within one of my IKEA cd/office organizer boxes. This means before more fiber comes into the stash the other stuff must make it's way into yarn.

The results so far are turning out pretty awesome. Picture above is 2.8 ounces of Ashland Bay Colonial Red Blended Roving in a heavy worsted to super bulky two ply (69-ish yards) So smooshy soft too :)

and besides... that rule only applies to the personal stash... it does not include the PnY goodies that are springing out of the dye pot.

100% Merino Wool Rovings in Mother of Pearl Swirl and Wowzy

because fiber is love :D