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from the desk of katkoe / Squeaking one in

Squeaking one in before the end of April, wow the end of April already.

There were several deadlines today both actual and motivational and luckly all were meet :)

Donations to Arts Place, Random Mailing Wednesday surprises, sock club, PnY orders and the long awaited HAP afghan all went for delivery today *woot* Granted part of me is still very paranoid that I missed something or that May will simply devour me with other craziness, though things *should* be okay.

A quick garden update too. I started another round of plants on the 28th, went to check on the little guys today and happy to report the radishes and lettuce are already showing tiny green leaves. *fingers crossed* these sproutlings will survive being transplanted into bigger accommodations similar to photo two. Those are green and sweet red pepper, cauliflower in the purple bin and some poor little tomato plants still hanging on.

We are planning on creating a square foot garden this year. The lumber is bought and assembled with only some more soil being needed in order to get things rolling, well and a moderately dry day here and there... but who's complaining.

Anywho, it's a smidge past midnight and I'm off to sleep. Happy trails everyone.