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from the desk of katkoe: if at first...

Howdy again. I've come to the realization that my weeks begin on Tuesdays. The weekends are just so busy they fly right by with this/that errand so by Monday I'm pooped. Which leaves Tuesday for getting things caught up.

The wheel has seen some love this week with my first 3 ply coming off the bobbin a few days ago.

Included in the 2 oz.ish skein are chocolate brown corriedale, some of the first hand dyed roving I ever bought (a beautiful pastel merino roving from and mercerized cotton mint green crochet thread.

The end result was slightly over plyed (my main spinning issue) so I misted the skein with water and hung it to dry with the spray bottle as a weight. This seems to have fixed it a bit and take some of the back spin out of the skein too. Really happy with the finished skein regardless.


The "year of the simplify" is also rolling right along. As the PnY shop shows I've been raiding my vintage ribbon/notions stash lately. There are new gift tags with ribbons/fabric scraps accents and stitch markers made using cute acrylic buttons.

All the scrap raiding has also helped the long planned knitting accessories line for PnY to start cracking through it's egg.

My first attempt at a dpn case ended up with a few misplaced seams and some wayward sheering of the edging to fix said seams. The little guinea pig dpn roll has a dumpster chic look with a bit of wonky construction to it. I do really like the 3 slot size it's nice and small (perfect for throwing in the sock bag) with cute character provided by the faded pink flannel and natural hued board cloth.

The second dpn roll fared much better. It has 5 pockets and is also sized to be used with 5"-ish midsize dpn's. The flannel and board cloth are also reclaimed scrap. I used pretty vintage bias ribbon as a sewn in place roll tie making for one very charming package.

Tomorrow will be more planning and sewing and possibly some chicken knitting ... we'll have to wait and see :)