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the word '-ish'

ish is my favorite word/word additive.

It can solve a lot of life's little problems like being late "I said 5pm-ish... that's 5 o'clock give or take 15 minutes... right?"

Or as a very effect descriptionary word for things that are almost but not quite what they should be... as in "it's kinda sock-ish" or "I'm working on a sweater-ish type swatch" and "did you see so&so's new baby? Yea, man, it was kinda cute... ish"

When tactful words are needed to let a friend/family member down easy ish is the perfect stand in "of course the meal was great honey, the char marks give it a very welldone-ish appeal".

Photo Examples:


sometimes things start out very "sock-ish" and turn into socks (see left photo), and sometimes things that start out sock-ish in nature (right photo) turn out to be chickens...

ish is also great for describing yarn and/or it's degree of resemblance to yarn: "your handspun is improving, it's getting very yarn-ish"

have a great 'ish' word of your own?