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some form of growth - a very uncycle garden adventure part 1

De-clutter House. Start Garden.

This year is definitely the "year of the simplify". Luckily the above goals work well together and save some cash along the way.

To start I combined a lovely order of heirloom seeds from + metric ton/a bunch of used toilet paper rolls and this fabulous tutorial to equal the start of something yummy *fingers crossed*.

and presto chango...

Okay so this also involved some leftover potting soil from last year, a used strawberry container, 2 old milk jug bottoms (2-3" of bottom, save tops for mini green house thing-a-majigs) and the cut longways bottom of a soda pop 12 pack.

Some of the left over milk jug bits are also making appearances as seed markers.

My hordings of 46 oz. juicey-juice and 32 oz. Gatorade containers provided a great stash of transplant containers for when the little seedlings out grow their current home and the cut off container tops will go the way of the milk jug bits to be used as mini greenhouse thing-a-majigs if everything goes outside.

ah organization, it's a beautiful thing :)