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self realization - the photo tour

Late last week I had an awesome amount of energy/determination, accomplished a crap-ton of work around the house, went grocery shopping, lugged lots of bags from the car, heck even the kitchen sink was empty (should have taken a photo, that doesn't happen often around here).

(empty boxes, and 3 bags to good will)

(this was a lonely UFO tube of a kidlet vest, now has been split, a v neck and upper back added)

Then of course, god laughed, after a lovely productivity high wham! *cartoon thunder cloud above head* The dishes are back to stacking up, I've been just plain achy, etc...

I'm frustrated but coping okay thanks to the long, drawn-out realization that this is just how things are going to function. Super Kat will now be rolling along at half speed, doing what I can and saying chuck it to the rest.

and when in doubt... chocolate no bake cookies fix everyyyyy thing :)