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and the wheel goes a'round...

and a'round...
guess what? my brain/body kicked back into function mode today :P

A load of dishes are done, the recycle closet is organized, the moo-moo vest of doom is bound off and I cast on a new stash buster type hat (all in one day, I know... it cracks me up too) :

sorry for the dark photo, it's 48 stitches with 4x4 rib using softee chunkee yarn by bernat on giantic, well big needles (size 13 hiya bamboo 16" circ.)

The project above is still in development, my goal is to have all my stash going to designated projects by March, if it hasn't found a home/project by then, then I need to get it one fast (read: send to new home).

Life for me is running a pretty consistently inconsistent pattern (surprise!):
brain/body go boom, brain go okay, brain/body fumbles around, brain go boom, brain/body go okay... think I'm still missing something in the uptake?
as long as I end up on okay though, I will be okay.

I'm working on setting up more consistent organizational habits using my okay days to the fullest. Also been doing some hardcore thinking about the things I can still do consistently when it gets rough for me and what I can get rid of to limit energy/stress needed to maintain said things.

Frustration is still a huge hurdle for me, but at least I know it's there. That's a good thing right?