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holding pattern

Been laying low the last few weeks trying to take gauge of all the changes that are happening.

My pharmacist started treating me for fibromyalgia last week as a more aggressive plan of action and I did get a second opinion (my regular MD) to agree with the diagnosis today, a bit of relief.

also scary... it's a double edged sword I'm not sure how to take right now, so it can just stay an after thought in the back of my head for a few more days while I line up my new medicine regiment.

In the mist of all the craziness that has been my life for the last few months, my knitting style has navigated to more complex smaller needle type stuff. The first pair of socks started yesterday using 2 circs (size 6's), turkish cast on and this pattern It's a guy pattern, my feet are wide and average so I'll just shorten the foot to fit my size 7.5 girl feet.

I'll try to get some progress shots once the foot area is farther along.

other than that, happy holidays and be careful in the cold crappiness of winter.