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angry and frustrated at how my life is playing out right now. guess the hammer finally dropped... rant to follow(sorry)... conveniently provided in list form.

- being on an indeterminate amount of medical leave and hoping they'll even (or be able to) take my non-productive ass back if and when the time comes.
- hubby possibly losing his job due to cut backs.
- the economy in general.
- holiday marketing.
- the fact that my stupid body won't let me function properly for more than a few days(such a tease).
- the idea in my head that everything will get better eventually.
- finding out we were pregnant (with no maternity coverage)
- scrambling around to find an OB then losing the baby less than a week after we found out.
- the pending medical bill
- finding out cousin-in laws are expecting a baby the same month we were due.
- husband getting fixed (this was planned before we found out about the baby).
- being a responsible adult
- knowing that life isn't fair
- my body taking forever and a day to recover from the surgery.
- being a hormonal mess at random times of the month (ie. today).
- the stress all the above are putting on my support system. everyone is burned out.
- that my head knows to look at the better side of things, that all this will pass, but head refuses to believe it.

it just all pisses me off right now so I thought I'd share :P feel free to add a random rant ... this post is the perfect dumping ground for negativity.

tomorrow will be better, fingers crossed...